Gold: The Ever-Popular Metal

Gold is undoubtedly the most unmistakable metal when it comes to jewelry. Though yellow gold is something that forever stays in trend, the signs in the world market are pointing towards another resurgence of this warm metal. Earlier, gold did take a little beating owing to its high price in the international market, and also […]

Costume Jewelry: An Alternative for Fine Jewelry

Having a jewelry collection that fully complements your wardrobe is a dream come true for most women. However, fine jewelry is such an expensive item that buying it to match with every ensemble is almost impossible. For all those who love to flaunt the latest fashion, stay updated on latest designs and want jewelry that […]

Fashion Jewelry Made With Stainless Steel And Sterling Silver

It is no wonder that white metals like stainless steel and sterling silver are the preferred metals among the youth of today who are price-conscious and do not have much disposable incomes. That however does not mean that the older generation, considered to be gold loyalists, is averse to dabbling with new, different things. The […]

How to Choose The Best Bridal Jewelry

With your special day just around the corner, are you getting all jittery and nervous? Of course, you are embarking on a completely new journey but it is the preparation for the same that is equally exciting. So your wedding ensemble has been decided upon and it is time to accessorize your D-day look. Now, […]

The charm of a good challenge

I was tripped. I was pushed and shoved. I nearly slipped on the careless water spilt in my path, not to mention the multitudes of plastic bottles and caps strewn along the way. A monkey carrying a full bright yellow banana in his mouth crossed in front of me and stared into my eyes as […]

Glass Beads Jewelry Designs

Wow! It’s sunny day outside and beautiful day, so why not enjoy some shining beadworks I am sharing this week? There’s nothing wrong with bling bling jewelry this season! Evgeniy Slomintsev used glass beads to create these gorgeous jewelries. No doubt that glass beads are fascinating, fashionable and shining. Their appearance is full of beauty […]

Why buy murano glass beads?

Many buyers often do not the benefits that comes with buying murano glass beads especially when you need the best deals in the market. However, those who have bought these floewr glass beads, they have made perfect choices within the shopping outlets. Here are the benefits of buying floewr glass beads: Glamulet is a new […]